Is casual bullying okay?

Okay so i work in a very sassy work place , but i have a lot of good friends there and we have a lot of fun but its it okay to make fun of peoples differences for the purpose a bit of fun ?
So there is this girl i work with who we all like, but lets just say she isn’t the smartest girl on the planet , and we often make jokes between ourselves about this. Such as laughing when she uses the word revolution instead of evolution ( an easy mistake ) and asking her questions that we know she will have no clue of the answer to , these types of jokes are great fun for everyone else involved . This type of behavior is rampant in today’s society and its not really fair i mean this girl cannot change her intelligence it is merely a trait that one is born with , sure she can educate herself but she will always be the type of girl who blurts out the answer without thinking . I know that it is hilarious to laugh at her expense but frankly i dont think she would find the humor if she ever over heard the conversations and i know i wouldn’t if it was me . Therefore i am going to make an example and not say things negative about people, first for an hour, then a day, then a week, then a month so on and so forth until i can be proud of who i am and the changes i have made.

Because no one likes a bully least of all in yourself


Fear state

I am currently watching the live news coverage of the Sydney seige,  and I cannot even begin to comprehend what the hostages are going through.  I would like to to the
chance to commend the NSW police on the swift arrival of units. This is a very difficult and complex issue and I think that this is a good demonstration of our effectiveness as a country. I can only hope that all end in a peaceful way. I hope that Australia as a country sticks together, as a united nation and do not allow these threats separate us by race, religion or political views, We are one, We are many. My heart goes out to all involved, please come home safe.

The Broken Glass half full.

So i like to consider myself an optimist , but apparently that is not the case according to my Boyfriend who states that I only talk about the negative things when i come home from a day at work.

This got me thinking about how we define ourselves and how our upbringing shapes the way we see the world Lindsay s family rarely speaks on negative topics ( from the conversations that i have been a part of ) and my family ofter delves into the macabre and darker subjects , however this is not a bad thing this is something that highlights the beauty and fragile nature of our world its the dark that makes the light seem brighter right?

So as a society what shouldn’t we talk about ? War , Rape ,Violence and Discrimination the list goes on and on . Tugce Albayrak is a young woman who (for those of  you have been living under a rock) is a young woman who died from a Savage beating after stopping a sexual assault on two teenage girls by a group of men, Now this brave woman at the very least deserves our discussion she died are we so quick to forget ? it is so important that this type of bravery is never forgotten it should not be a taboo subject , these attacks happen daily. I think that this story hit me harder because this woman was in a place i frequent was my age and she did exactly what i would have done and that cost her a most terrible price It could have been any of us , And what we shouldn’t talk about it for fear of being a pessimist … well I’m not a pessimist I’m a realist and I’m not afraid of being deemed negative anymore.

In short how can we possibly talk about important life issues when we are excluding half the conversation. We are blind to half the problems half the solutions and half of all human nature. It is in our nature to be draw to the darker side of life but society and ” common decency ” have beaten this fascination out of us , just think its there for a reason don’t ignore your dark mind embrace you ALL of you because this is the only way we can make this world a better place.

The horific Truth of Black Friday.

Okay so not the Black Friday that our friends in America experience but the Black Friday that is burned into the memory of Australia. In 13 January 1939, in Victoria. A string of fires burnt 2 Million hectares of land and killed 71 People. This is the history of our Black Friday read on if you want to know more,

In the months leading up to Black Friday it had been hot and i mean really hot , just think in the southern hemisphere December means the start of summer , in the days leading up it was between 43.8 °C (110.8 °F) to 44.7 °C (112.5 °F). The 13th the temperature reached a scorching  45.6 °C (114.1 °F), and a strong northerly front combined several large but separate fires in to one massive wall of fire. The fire burned to hot that the soil burnt off the ground and this took many years to repair. Five towns in Victoria were completely decimated by flame and were never rebuilt .Over 1,000 homes were destroyed.

Following the fires there was an inquest and this lead to many changes in the way fires were managed and how the forests where used ,In 1944 the Country Fire Authority (now CFA) was formed to manage fire on private land outside greater Melbourne. There were now three separate firefighting agencies in Victoria – the Forests Commission (now DEPI), the CFA and the Metropolitan Fire Brigade (protecting inner Melbourne). Judge Stretton wrote in his report: ‘it will appear that no one cause may properly be said to have been the sole cause’, however the fires were ‘lit by the hand of man’.

So when your having your festive shop, please take a moment to realize how truly lucky you are.


Big High School Bully .

Hey , so this is an open shout out to everyone who was horrible to me in high school. I am doing fine all the years of lies and taunts that were inflicted on me don’t matter anymore and you know what they didn’t at the time either i just wasn’t old enough to realize .

In school i was a pretty good student i wasn’t late or rude and i did my work i had lots of friends  and it wasn’t until about grade 5 or six that i had any issues at all and then things changed and i don’t know why , but people were mean to me , and i guess that’s they way it starts for most kids , for me it got so bad that i would sit in the toilets at lunch because i had no where else to go. I tried to come off as cool and collected like this didn’t hurt me, but come on I’m a person if you cut me ill bleed, and this for me was hard i didn’t realize that i had done anything and the more kids were mean to me the more i was mean and cynical and rude back, until it turned me into someone that i didn’t want to be and to this day i will snap or judge or say things in a harsher way to what i mean and that makes me feel awful. It makes me think if the people that were mean to me in school weren’t so mean then i wouldn’t have been mean back and its a horrible circle of hate and judgment. So I’m not here to have a winger and a cry I’m just here to encourage people to be nice to one another this way we can spread some love instead of cruelty because i don’t know about you but i refuse to walk around with hate in my heart for someone who wont even matter in 5 years.

If your being mean for any reason think about why because either way its just not worth it .